Keeping hope alive and fear in the heart.

It’s not easy making things and bringing them into this world. It takes a lot of time, energy, money, devotion, and lonely days in the shop. I’ve got so many projects started right now and many more that I’d love to start. Why not? Life.

Lately I’ve been really putting a lot of energy into having a life and being around people socially. It takes a lot out of me and completely ruins my ability to get anything done. It pays off though. I’m dating a woman. I’m going out on Friday and Saturday nights plus a few during the week. Meeting lots of people and learning lots of new things. I’m really enjoying what San Francisco has to offer. It’s nice.

The new MTB has suffered. It’s been about 2 hours away from paint for the last two weeks.  The D/A system is collecting dust as components. The trailer wheels havent been built.

One peice of good news. I’m actively shopping for a 2006/2007 or 2008 GSX-R 750 sportbike. That should be fun. Helena (the woman I’m dating) rides, so I have some good incentive to get going again. This should produce an article on a full PVD tune of a sport bike. One of my favorite things to do.

Keep an eye out. I’ll get productive yet.