New sight for the LCR!

I wasn’t happy shooting my Ruger LCR +P for a few reasons. Shooting outdoors was ok, but indoors wasn’t so hot. Josh Orlando and I were shooting at Bullseye and we both agreed that a change should be made. It was very difficult to sight in with the stock sight. I got parts ordered while doing he DMR.

Of course, the stock sight is a lot more rugged than the HiVis LCR2010 that I’m putting on, but I figure it’s going to be a lot more fun at the range with something that will allow me to see where I’m aiming.

Please forgive that this gun is filty. I’m cleaning it up tonight.

Tools needed:

* #1 Roll pin punch
* #1 Roll pin starter
* Small hammer
* Work block


A fun little learning project was to model the JP compensator in my computer so that I could think about how they are designed. Cool. What a neat thing!