Pay attention!!!!

What the fuck is this? How is this even possible. This comes out of a $10,000 bike. It was ridden this way for over 500 miles, probably a lot more. This wasn’t a college beater. I just don’t know what to say. I’m absolutely appalled.


I’m not an inocent. Not by a long shot. I was having an issue on my big trail bike over the past month of weekends. The shifting was perfect and just awesome. But every now and then when getting out of the saddle hammering, by chain would jump causing my knee to slam my bars. Sucks and hurt. I honestly kept putting off a real serch for the issue for a while. Then, when doing something totally unrelated, I notice a nice detail on the rings. What do you see?


It’s so simple it hurts. There’s just nothing left at one section of these very worn rings. Explains everything. I just needed to pay a little attention.


Here’s another fun one.

Removing the cassette from a hybrid freewheel/cassette arrangement on a 7spd setup for an engineering student’s project here at SFSU. A strange thing, using a bottom bracket tool to remove a cassette. Crazy daze. Crazy Germans.