PodracerOne – Big Evil, Small Package

Jake Harrell is the son of my friend and business partner, Bryan. Fairfax Cyclery!!! Jake and Bryan have been racing a ton of BMX lately and Jake is proving to be a seriously fast kid. He can’t wait to get out with dad and the bros for the downhill rides. Problem: There is really nothing for juvenile DH riding. I’m going to make something sick that will solve that problem.

24″x2.35″ tires
100mm SC fork
2×10 front drive (Gotta get ’em there)
35mm Stem
150-155mm cranks
ISCG05 mount
140mm Rear Rotor
160mm Front Rotor

Name: PodRacerOne – Reference is Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer in Star Wars Ep. 1. SICK!!!

The Print: This is a preliminary print and does not reflect the final. We still need to do a real fit with Jake to get everything just right.