PVD 41 to 56 cone

Here’s a cool tool.

It’s a replacement #745 Radial Centering Cone on the Park Tool #HTR-HS Head Tube Reaming and Facing Handle. It more optimizes use of the tool for bores from 41mm to 56mm without the need for a Park Tool # 750.2 Oversized Centering Cone Adapter (which doesn’t actually come up to a 56mm diameter). My tool will be useful in all aspects of modern frame working.

This tool is a lot more accurately made and has a very smooth finish. The 27 degree angle of the cone helps it center in a bore while still being relatively short. The #745 Radial Centering Cone having a 14.5 degree angle and #750.1 cone having a 31.5 degree angle.

I’ve needed this for a while and now I have it. Sadly, it jumped out of the chuck at one point leaving a few nicks. It’s still shiny and works but not perfect.