PVD Magic Ring

Inspired by products designed and made by Magic Motorcycle in the early nineties. Some wild stuff. Probably not the best, but intriguing to say the least. Especially if you are a machinist type like me.

So, 2×10 has taken hold in mountain biking. It has a place but certainly 3×10 does as well. Shimano has released 2 double ring cranks for the XTR series. FC-M985 & FC-M980. Unlike the other crank, the FC-M980has BCD drilling for 104/68. Just like any triple crank commonly made, but the gearing is 38/26 with all the ramps and pins you could dream of. Super cool! Why not just buy those rings and mount them to the perfectly good 104/68 crankset that we all already own. Simple.

But what to do with that open outer ring position?