PVD Toe Spikes!

***Update 2017-02-23***

Time has proven that the spike configuration seen below is one of the best ways of accomplishing the goal. The importance of the fender washer stack can’t be emphasized enough. It spreads the load of the spike and reduces failure.

Very long spikes are hard to justify. Most often, the result in a trip hazard and make it difficult to get into pedals. Beware of the temptation of long spikes.

***Back to 2012***

My favorite racer Mary Moncorg√© is sponsored by Sidi Shoes for 2012.

Since Mary rides her bike a lot, in Marin, in all weather conditions and since she will be racing Super D, Enduro, and DH, she needs to have her shoes working great on and off the bike.

When roots and dirt get wet, they get slippery. Very slippery. The best way to ensure traction when you need to get off and run is by using toe spikes. Most spikes you find are a novelty or designed by people who have never used them. I’ve used them for years and I know what works best.

It’s important to mount spikes to shoes when the shoes are as close to new as possible. Otherwise, the shoe lugs at the tip see an incredible amount of wear. This makes hiking steep muddy sections even harder.

Larger washers were added to these spikes (after these photos) to give them more support. Spikes put a lot of load into a pretty lame area of the shoe. The increased purchase spreads out the load protecting the shoes and keeping the spike in place.

Keeping it simple.