Early this morning, local MTB talent Ben Cruz and one of his bro’s were in the woods in Novato. They were getting a hit lined up involving a stump or tree of some sort. In the stump, they discovered a duffel bag with a few Japanese war rifles in it. Arisakas. This is a boy dream. Almost like a girl kissing Prince Charming. Seriously, OMFG!! What boy doesn’t dream of finding guns in the woods. Why couldn’t it have been me?!??!?

These are some special Arisakas. They still have the Emperor’s chrysanthemum unground on the receiver. That means that these were most probably captured weapons rather than those surrendered. An important distinction in a society of honor.

I grew up playing on holidays with my grandfather’s surrendered Arisaka Type 44 Cavalry Carbine and officer’s sword. Each Thanksgiving or Christmas at my grandparent’s house I would run around for a few days with this rifle in my hand. I cherished it. I was honored that my grandfather gave me the gun and sword before he died. Such a cool gift.

Anyway, I’m so stoked for Ben and his awesome story and I’m so stoked my grandfather gave me such a nice gift.

BTW, a few years ago I procured a box of the Japanese 6.5x50mm ammunition for this rifle. I’ve never shot it but maybe now I should. It may be a good gunsmithing project. That would be profound.

The sword is a Japanese Navy Type Tachi Guntō sword (standard type). Tenshōzan Forging Workshop.

By the way, the wrapping on the sword handle is refered to as tsuka-maki. That might help looking it up for other projects (hint: PVD-DMR308)

Below are my carbine and sword.