Reverb A2 Remote O-rings

Like many expert mountain bikers, I put my dropper post through it’s paces. I couldn’t count how many times I use it during a ride but it can’t be too far off the amount I use my derailleur. It’s a very dynamic tool on a ride and should be. Because of this, I’ve been surprised in how long the very simple Reverb hydraulic lever has lasted without service. I had even remarked about it when someone asked me about them in an email a few weeks ago.

That cursed me. Finally, after a couple of odd issues in the last month and yesterday noticing a slowing post return speed along with weeping around the lever, it was time for a closer look. The lever is an amazingly simple design. I really do appreciate it and it’s an example of some excellent engineering.

For service, the unit contains 4 o-rings:


Simply replace the sealing o-rings as needed, probably most often the 4×2.0 o-ring on the piston, and re-bleed the system.

BTW, the parts list schematic provided by Rockshox leaves out an image of the 4×2.0 oring I show in this copy. I dropped it in place to keep the order clear and something to lable.