Samantha – Foundation

Major benchmark for the Samantha frame fixture.

The plates are mounted and linear motion is proven. The slop in the movement is down below 0.001″. I’m stunned it was that good without any calibration.

I did do a calibration for the parallelism and height of the plates and things are looking great. There’s more than that to do for calibration but this is a great start. The real problem is the flatness of the RinoCart table top. Separated from the table, and on a proper flat surface, the subassemblies measure fine and are within 0.002″ for critical measures.

Now it’s time for detailing the beams and tube holders. I need to order some more 8020, 303 Stainless, and send some parts out for CNC machining. Gotta save up some money for all this.