Setting Samantha

After posting all the information that I could about the new Samantha frame fixture, I realized that an important detail was missing. How to set it up!

So, I made another video where I begin with a bare fixture table, mount the tool, and set it up for use according to calculations. Since I’m about to start making Windy’s new road+ bike (Electra), I used the driving parameters for that bike in the calculator.

In the video I explain what these calculations are for. It is very cool that it took about 16 minutes go from a bare fabrication table to a proper frame fixture set and ready to use. That’s pretty wild.

The ‘bullshit’ check measures from the model match the calculated measures in the Samantha Calculator.

In the past few days, another cool detail was added to the fixture; stainless purge tubing through the cones. I mentioned my interest in doing this earlier but a few of the details and tools hadn’t been worked out in time. Now, it’s done and pretty cool.

The reason for this is plain, tube cones get quite hot when welding and plastic melts. Running stainless tube through this area helps protect from that happening. The ‘push to connect’ fitting is connected securely to the end of the metal tube, and disconnect function remains, which is the real devil in this detail.