Super D(set) Suicide

A Super D bike is a very special kind of bike. 90% DH Trail with 10% Climbing. Super high speeds on smooth to aggressive surfaces. You need a light bike but something that works right when treated rough. 160mm frames tend to work especially well in this situation if set up well for pedaling and with weight kept to a minimum. Carbon and aluminum SC Nomads, SC Butcher, Specialized Enduros are common to see. One very big problem with this kind of bike is that they are designed around 160mm large framed forks. These things suck for Super D. They are very heavy and suffer from lots of seal drag. They also lack goodies like OTF threashold adjustments that help in the sustained climbs. Placing a 140-150mm small framed fork results in a degree lost on the head tube angle and a half inch of BB height. Not cool especially as what we want is a very slack HA for Super D and BB’s tend to be as low as possible already. I’ve got the fix. Weight savings alone is approximately one pound from the bike!

Special parts designed to tune Super D race bikes.

Designed to convert a bicycle designed for larger framed 160mm forks to take a 150mm small framed fork without comprimising high speed handling or ride height.

These are essentially 1.5″ lower headsets with a 35mm stack height. Since a traditional 1.5″ headset has a 12mm lower stack height, then the PVD Super D(set) will compensate for 23mm of height lost in the fork.

Cane Creek 40.EC49 – 12mm Lower Stack

Fox Forx 36 Print – OAL 545.3mm

Fox 32 Print – OAL 510.9 (@150mm 24.4mm shorter)

Also see Rockshox data.


Also, completed this week are the production versions of the PVD 38T Magic Ring for 2×10 Super D bikes. This look so nice on the bikes!!!