The Area Under The Curve.

Thinking about this today. What about the area under the curve with regard to shock rate? Should the area be similar for differerent types of bikes? The shape can change, the duration and the magnitude but will in the end the area be similar? I’m going to think a bit about this…

Here’s the curves for the Santa Cruz bikes. Please note imidiately that the graphical data shown is not reflecting the reported travel of the bike. Weird.


Interestingly I did do the math:

Taking the integral of the Butcher (0-150) and Nomad (0-160) trendlines, I get 59.5 and 65.1 respectively. Of course, this number should reflect the amount of travel that the shock has used. Both bikes specify a 63mm shock stroke so this data set is very close while still not right. I’m going to put some more time into this later.