The church of Charlie

Fairfax is the cycling epicenter of the Bay Area. A perfect combination of road riding and mountain riding close to a lot of people and the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, it’s known as the birthplace of mountain biking. I’m lucky to live there.

A lot of folks in town have participated in changing how we look at bikes. While many important folks are worth mentioning, nobody is/was as cutting edge as Charlie Cunningham. Charlie was one of the major shapers of what we see as the modern mountain bike. He’s extremely creative.

I was having a beer at Gestaul Haus. Bench seating inspires good conversation. While talking with Jacquie Phelan (Charlie’s wife), her friend Geoff came in with an amazing bike. Not my taste, but very very trick. It was something very rare. A brand new WTB Pheonix frame with brand new Cunningham parts adoring it.

Rumour is that we will be seeing new Cunningham frames in the next year. It should be very interesting.