The PVD 60 Degree Throttle Prototype

Here’s a fun little project.

Motorcycles have engines. We all know that. What few truely understand is that we use our throttles and gearing to access and make use of those engines. Asside from gearing issues that I will cover later, throttles typically need modification so that we can get all that power we have available.

Most modern sportbikes come stock with 90 degree turn throttles. This is lame. It’s way too much twist to use well when sport riding. I prefer a 60 degree throttle. That tends to make the difference. What’s even better is a 60 degree throttle with a varying rate so that early and part throttle is not as quick as the last 1/3 of the turn. That’s coming soon. Just wait.

The prototype for testing. It works great. It works in the stock housing (with slight modification) and with the stock cables. What a difference!