These are the fun days of development

I’ve been quite busy lately…

The modular throttle project is just about done. Final testing takes place this weekend but this revision is assumed to be the last. Prototyping has been a long process for this. The engineering was quite a learning experience for such a simple little part.

A 60 degree variable rate cam that fits in stock K8 GSX-R750 housing (with some machining) and uses stock cables. The pull and return cables function properly unlike all other variable systems, kudos for me. It completely transforms the riders connection to the engine. Great part throttle modulation and a quick draw to the guns. Cams can very easily be swapped for contant rates or milder setups. I like a fairly violent setup.

Shown here over the initial non-modular constant rate prototype.

After an abusurdly long delay I also got  Max Houtzager’s cleat shim done. He needed a bit to correct for leg length disparity. Simple shims were snagging and causing issue so a ramped unit needed to be made. This should get him going in time for the new season.

5mm Shim

3mm Shim, Extended front ramp.