14mm Fixxie

Daniel came by the shop today with a nice little job. He’s starting to build up the fixxie freestyle frame he built in the shop. He needed a left side drive 135mm spaced fixed hub with 14mm axle for pegs. Not the easiest thing to find. It would be even nicer if it had a disk pattern on the right side. The hope was to have Profile make something special but I guess that that fell through. For lack of any good solution, he bought a second hand Profile 120mm flip flop bolt-on hub and a new axle to convert it to 135mm x 14mm. This is a simple swap to do in a shop like mine that has a press but maybe not be for someone without any real tooling.

Bolt-on axle systems are complete garbage and it’s nice that this hub is getting converted to something really trick.

We may have to wrestle the chain line a bit on this. Push the cog out as far as possible and the ring in as much as possible. Not the best leavy but I’m sure we can make it work well. We may even trim and space the spacers to dish the wheel slightly before the wheel get’s put together.

It’s also pesky as the hub is not LSD and we need to ensure it stays safe during play. Maybe a little red loctite is in order. That’s all a project for another day.

Here are some of the pictures of the process.