Engin Ti Road Dropout

This is something sweet that we’ll see at NAHBS.

Drew Guldalian, of Engin Cycles, is one of the finest frambuilders in the United States. A 3 time winner of Best Mountain Bike prize at NAHBS. He’s, in my opinion, a framebuilder’s framebuilder. Like the folks at Firefly or Carl Strong, the work he does contributes to the landscape of serious bicycles for serious riders.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Drew again on a set of titanium dropouts for his road bikes. They will show up on a few bikes at NAHBS. We’ll see what kind of reception they get.

Engin road render

Straight outta Paragon.

The first road frame being built with the new dropouts on a gorgeous Sputnik frame fixture. See it all at NAHBS!
Drew road frame