Eyes on the prize

I did some work on finding a better scope position for my 223 bolt rifle. The scope was a bit far away from my cheek weld position. I brought it back about an inch and a half. It’s so much nicer now. Very relaxed and comfortable setting up with no straining or struggling.

The base is a very cheap item,┬áBlack Rifle Tactical 1″ Dual Ring Cantilever Scope Mount for Picatinny Rail, $19.97 with free shipping. it’s a little more gizmo than I’d like but it seems to do the job fine.

This setup is 2.188″ Above the barrel bore but would be a little nicer at 2.125″ or 2.000″. The center of the scope adjusters is 4.750″ behind the front of the receiver.

I wish I could find a base that would mount directly to the receiver and produce this position without being all ‘tactical’. It would be cleaner, lighter, and stiffer. It’s something to think about. Something like the DNZ Game Reaper but with setback.