Garmin 510 case swap

Recently, I went to mount my Garmin Edge 510 to one of my bikes. It twisted in all wonky so I looked further. I must have broken a mounting tab from the back of my on a recent ride. I had to fix it. I use GPS data all the time to track my progress, routes, and this little unit is an amazing data logger.

I could have sent it back to Garmin, but I like to have field options. Also, that solution takes time which I’d prefer not to waste.

I ordered a dummy unit from QBP (#MA0055). This is a display unit with no internals. It’s nice as it’s super cheap (free) and is just what you need for any external problem like broken tabs, scratched display, wrong color. There are other part numbers for other units.

To make the swap, you need a T5 torx driver. Preferably a good quality one. A bit of RTV to make things water tight again around the speaker.

Also, a little heat to free up the battery and soften the sealant around the rear speaker. Getting the speaker free without causing damage is the hardest part of this job. That and ensuring that it’s been sealed back up water tight.

This fix isn’t perfect like a factory job would be, but it’s good enough for now.