Good Work

I try to do good work. I know a lot of folks that do good work. Folks like us generally want to know each other. I’m sure this is because we are a minority.

It’s easy to see good work when someone points it out to you. They point. You look. It’s seen. Easy.

Then there are the other times…

It’s been a wild few weeks in NorCal. Rain. Lots of rain. Windy and I have been trying to get out in between storms. We’ve done some hikes. Foraged for mushrooms…then we rush home before the downpour starts again. Today, we drove up to where Bofax was gaited from traffic. The road slides. You can’t go further.

On the way back, there was a small slide. The traffic folks had put up some temporary traffic lamps to squeeze traffic trough one lane.

We were sitting there. Waiting for the light to let us go. I was spacing out…looking at this structure. Just looking at it. It was orange. It was clean. Then I realized. I was looking at something amazing. This thing was AWESOME.

It’s solar powered, cellular networked, articulating to fold up to move. It’s solid as a rock when set up. The welding and fabrication are gorgeous. What an amazing piece of work. Just look at the photos!

I jumped out of the car and took some photos with the phone. Windy went through and waited for me on the other side of the slide. This had to be shared.

This appears to be a Superior Traffic Services PTS-1000A.