High Trail MTB

Currently, the next big thing in mountain bike marketing. High trail MTB. Specialized, Transition, and White have already begun marketing 29er bikes with 42mm offset forks, thus, higer trail than the 51mm forks produce. I’m sure many more marketing departments will be pushing this soon as well. This is another topic that Chris Porter has … Read moreHigh Trail MTB

Seven Samurai

Singlespeed bikes suck. I say that on every ride that I’m riding one. They suck especially when they are singlespeed mountain bikes. They hurt and make me feel dumb. I try to chase down enduro bros and I run out of gearing. spun out, I watch them pull away…helplessly. That sucks the worst. It always … Read moreSeven Samurai

The Red Baron

Here is the Fokker Dr.I 425/17. The triplane of WW1 Ace Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (The Red Baron) which he flew for the last 19 of his 80 kills. Legend status: 100. The Fokker Dr.1 is the namesake for this bike. Lovingly nicknamed The Red Baron. This bike is about style and chill, not being the fastest. The … Read moreThe Red Baron


Porn is an awesome thing. People doing the most incredible things with incredible bodies. Big boobs and cocks going in every direction. Upside down and backwards for hours on end. It is inspiring. It makes folks want to do good deeds. The problem with what we see in porn, and a really big problem for young people … Read morePorn


I love metal. It’s solid, it can be cut precisely, it can be welded together. Different metals are good at different things. Building steel bikes is especially nice. You can take a bike right from the welding table, toss some wheels on it and go. Like they say, “Steel is real….easy” If we are going … Read morePlastic


The GEN11. The younger generation won’t get this reference. Way back, when I was very young, the kids loved this car. The wonderful flying car that would save the day and cause everyone to sing. It’s probably the song I heard most sung in grade school. Mary Poppins was big back then as well. The … Read moreGEN11