Stuck Seat Posts

A stuck seat post used to be a very common problem in the world bicycles. There were many steel road bikes and aluminum posts in that era that would never move and galvanic corrosion welded the two parts together. Over time, road bikes became primarily made of aluminum or carbon fiber and assembly life became a … Read moreStuck Seat Posts

Kids bikes

I was thinking about kids bikes this week. There were some discussions of 26″ hardtail design and another on building a kid bike. It sent me off. It’s a good mind experiment. How to design a bike that has no reference? Imagine trying to ride a bike like this? Sadly, that’s what most kids have … Read moreKids bikes

Data Plates

This is a big deal for me. For years, I’ve been looking for a way to mark my bikes. The careful observer may have noticed that close to none of my bicycles have had any identifying marks on them other than the fingerprints of my design aesthetic. No decals. no logos. No marks. Why? Because … Read moreData Plates

2018 Revelation RC A1 travel change issues

I’m working with a REVELATION RC A1 (2018+), 150mm. Changing travel to 160mm. Simple enough. I ordered the part: “11.4018.026.034 Air Shaft DebonAir – PIKE B1/Revelation (35MM) (160mm 29/27)” as specified in the SRAM 2018 parts book: The problem? The replacement doesn’t match the stock part. The head height is very different The head is riveted … Read more2018 Revelation RC A1 travel change issues

So much BOOST

I just built a fancy new fork for my hybrid. I certainly wasn’t going to build around the now dead 100mm spacing that many fools still cling to. I, correctly, made the fork to 110mm. Sadly, folks who build forks for the commercial market haven’t realized that 110mm is much better than 100mm spacing when … Read moreSo much BOOST

Sexy bikes

This past week, six hardtails were selected from the 2017 section of a thread on to run head to head in a reader poll for “Sexiest AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail 2017“. I was proud to have the PVD SR-71 Blackbird selected in the group of six, thanks to Tory Sox‘s nomination. The race was immediately on … Read moreSexy bikes


A few weeks ago we took delivery of a batch of BikeYoke Revive 185mm 31.6mm dropper posts. A lot of people are interested in these. I’ve been using dropper posts for a while. Since the A2 Reverb Stealth and KS LEV Integra came out. Certainly not as long as many folks but I was a … Read moreRevive!


This project was a fucking wormhole. I didn’t want to go down it but it’s gravity was just too strong. It was also a perfect example of the engineering process and how it goes, for better and worse. I started riding skateboards for real in 1984. I was 14. Sure, we played with toy skateboards … Read more1984


I’ve mentioned and shown many times in the past that I modify my ODI Lock Jaw Clamps in a lathe. I mount the clamps on an arbor and put as large a chamfer as I can while not cutting into the screw. This serves several purposes. It softens the edge of the grip area where … Read morePolish


More Blackbird parts are going through the system. It’s so good to see this all come toghether. This is getting very close to happening. Soon. TurboRamJet, baby. The power at the heart of the beast. After the monster job of getting chainstay yokes completed, it’s now on to the smaller parts. Head tubes will be … Read moreTurboRamJet