Personal branding

Recently, I got some military tape, embroidered nameplate material ( for some fun stuff.

Some velcro name tape was for my two bags that have 6″ velcro locations & some simple sew-on name tape for other items. The sew-on tape is very cheap so I could get a few of them for very little.

Here, I was making some cutoff shorts from some Dickies Carpenter pants. I love these as they only cost $25 so I can abuse them without mercy. Modification is stress free also. 13″ inseam for a longer fit. This is about as long as I can handle in a short before making a knicker. The hem finished with the 1.25″ nylon ribbon I like.

I put a nice little ‘PVD’ brand onto them and it looks kinda nice. It brings the shorts from cheap to fancy. Cool!





DSC_0617 DSC_0613 DSC_0612