I’ve mentioned and shown many times in the past that I modify my ODI Lock Jaw Clamps in a lathe. I mount the clamps on an arbor and put as large a chamfer as I can while not cutting into the screw. This serves several purposes. It softens the edge of the grip area where I will often push against when riding. This makes the bike feel nice right when I want to think about everything else. The heavy chamfer also minimizes the sharper edges that form at the corner of the part from crashes. These burrs and edges will start cutting my gloves apart. Useful stuff.

I try to be economical with all of the bike crap I consume, so this weekend while putting the Blackbird together, I had to really dig for some decent looking grip clamps. I had plenty of clamps but they were mostly buggered up. This caused a sorting that will happen when I get frustrated. I did find some usable clamps then and moved forward with the assembly.

Now, I look to solve problems. 

I have a bag full of about 12 grip clamps and it’s Monday morning. I can’t use the arbor as I need to cut deeper than the screw to clean up the edge. I clamp to the arbor, measure the outside diameter of the clamp and cut an emergency collet. This was long over due as the arbor I’ve been using was made in 5 minutes, 13 years ago, and from delrin. Lazy crap.

Now, I can grab the part well without the binding screw and cut as deep as I like. The change made is amazing and will breath new life into these perfectly good albeit well worn parts.