β€œIt’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” ― Yogi Berra

My projects are going to slow down a bit. I’ve gotten pretty busy with a lot of summer duties. I have a bender cart in the works and a few little things going. Still, I wanted to post a few projects that have been going on in the computer.

Since before the Bird of Prey construction, I’ve been talking at length about “modern drop bars” vs the old fashioned commercial type most folks are using. I figured I could post this example to have an easy to draw example when I’m talking about this. It’s not a perfect model but it’s getting there. I need to pull some surfaces and sort the mounting of controls. I’m really getting sick of waiting for the “we know what we’re doing” crowd to get up off their rumps and make some of these so I don’t have to. It’s totally lame that I have to do the heavy lifting even for the roadies.

Since making the Sopwith Camel and the new handlebars for it, I’ve been thinking of how far a krunker can go. I keep designing for the next build of this bike that may come late summer/early fall. I can see so much unrealized potential in the krunker class of bike.

This new version of the Airspeeder type bar with bent 3/4″ struts. Like the silly little stem I made for the Bird of Prey, it gives all the room for a very fancy geometry beneath it. This looks a lot better than that, almost with a custom cruiser motorcycle look. A quick drawing of the frame shows something amazing, especially as there will be some other improvements mixed in. This was just to prove geometry.

This is cool stuff so I’m going to put some work into small parts and figure a bit more out.