Punk isn’t dead.

It’s time for the Philadelphia Bike Expo! I wanted to be there this year but lots of important work got in the way.

The design for this tool was done a couple of weeks ago. The tool was supposed to be finished before PBE and show to folks in real life but thanks to late breaking news on standards, everything was halted and the parts redesigned. The tool now uses the Shimano FM32 translation for each of it’s positions instead of FM40.

The tool is to be used to fixture flat mount bosses during welding in the frame, front or rear, 120-220 mm rotors.  The tool can be used for any dropout and any axle spacing or diameter with the exchange of a very simple and robust stainless steel spacer ring. Extra effort was put in to allow a great amount of freedom with welding and cup sizes while offering a rigid platform. The tool give plenty of space around seatstays so things don’t get in the way of either element. I even made sure it would clear Anvil frame fixtures for working while held entirely.

There’s a secret arm not shown here that will be used on a system that I have yet to display to the public. It solves a few problems. It’s nothing remarkable but will help plenty of builders.

It’s a tool based on Don Ferris’ Anvil PostPunk. I loved this tool while it was being made. It’s been improved on in many ways for ease of use, more welding clearance, and precision.

I’ll be working closely with Josh Ogle and Devin Bodony for production of these really cool tools.