So much BOOST

I just built a fancy new fork for my hybrid. I certainly wasn’t going to build around the now dead 100mm spacing that many fools still cling to. I, correctly, made the fork to 110mm. Sadly, folks who build forks for the commercial market haven’t realized that 110mm is much better than 100mm spacing when working with disc brakes.

I took photos of the bike with a proper wheel in place. The problem was that I needed to borrow that from my mountain bike. I don’t yet have a lot of 110mm wheels floating around but I have a few 100mm wheels. I’m trying to save some money for new projects that are about to go off, so building a new wheel just for this application made little sense.

Instead, I made an adapter set. DT 240/350 hubs are good for this.

One of the cool things about this is that I can quickly move the wheel back and forth between the old and new spacing if I get stuck with aftermarket 100mm carbon forks.