The Adam Prosise Interview

I can’t remember exactly when Adam Prosise first showed up on my radar. It was maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I’m not sure. It was clear that he was something else.

Adam really stands out in a crowd, literally and figuratively. He’s tall, 6’4″. He’s excited. He’s in the game. Chances are, you may have first seen him on top of a podium at an enduro race. He is (or was) an elite racer, winning many events in the Colorado Front Range area and beyond. This boy knows how to ride!

More, Adam is a talented fabricator and machinist. While he spent the last 5 years or so as one of the driving personalities at REEB Cycles, he’s got chops from medical device manufactures and racecar work. He’s learned how to do things right in a shop.

One of the very good things about Adam is that he can take and give shit. This was the standard mode for most folks when I grew up. It’s fallen out of favor and it’s made real talk challenging in many spaces. Adam will take his knocks and deliver them. I appreciate this as getting called out by such a competent dude has real meaning.

I’m convinced that he is going to leave a big mark on the sport that he obviously loves. Lookup Prosise Metalworks. Pay him money.

This is a monster interview. 4:28:36. I don’t feel that I have much to write that we didn’t talk about. It’s going to take a few sittings to get through it but I promise that there is a lot in here. Part 1 & 2.

Adam and the train gap in British Columbia. Boom!

At one point in the interview, we discuss a problem that I had with a top tube failure on my Supermarine Spitfire klunker bike. At the time, we had discussed possible solutions. I eventually fixed the bike by extending an externally butted seat tube in place of the top tube. Later, I was able to get a bunch of tubes that were a useful length and with a long thick butt for by the head tube. Those have improved all of my bikes since. Speaking with Adam at the time was great. He’s a problem solver. I’m a problem solver. The problem got solved. That’s sick!