The PVD Juvenile Skateboard

I’ve done a lot with skateboards over the years. More than most. With the addition of a pair of sisters, ages 4 and 5, in our household I had a new project. A skateboard for a child. Many would say, aren’t all skateboards for children? No. Most skateboards in the market are sized for 17 year old boys. The customs that I’ve made are for folks over 35. Not much exists in the market that are good for kids.

Very few options exist in the market for juveniles. Enjoi Skateboards does have a couple of setups under 7″ but surely come with wheels far too small to be used on commons streets or outside of a smooth skatepark. They won’t be good for learning here.

I cut my own from a beat donor deck. It uses decent wheels for the surfaces near us. It’s sized well for kids.

I finally made a nice fixture for drilling mounting holes in the deck, I carved wheel wells in the deck for more turn with larger wheels, and I set the baseplate into the deck to lower the top of the board as much as I could.

I filled in the old truck holes as they were in the way of the cut. It looks kinda cool in the end.

I’ve currently got Bones Hardcore ‘soft’ bushings in the Tracker Mid-Track trucks. I think that the kids need something even softer in there. As they are turning in a very novice way, the bushings still need to be softer to get some turn from them.

This is a nice rough draft. I refined the print to reflect some slight changes I’d make to it.

Trucks were prepped according to racing regulations.