The SKYNET Master Plan

“Skynet IS the virus.” – John Connor

Just over a month ago, the SKYNET chassis fixture project was announced. An open source bicycle chassis fixture that exceeds in capability over anything that can be purchased. It would be based on the PVD Cyberdyne System fixture but significantly more accessible and affordable. Since then the design has gone through prototype construction and seen extensive refinement and thorough documentation. This drove the cost down, improved quality, and made the tool easier to make.

Now, the production documentation is ready to be released.


The project plans are available for download here (.pdf, 12.7 MB) as revision: PVD SKYNET Chassis Fixture Package 202301072

Always ensure that you have the most current revision before starting work. The document is periodically updated with refinements and improvements. 

It is requested that if you find any errors, improvements, or new ideas in this document that fit the project goals, please let me know via email at ASAP. This will make this resource better for the next person taking advantage.

Special thanks to Ben Land, who took an early draft of this tool that was conceptually valid and he’s proven them. Ben documented his work on his YouTube channel, SheildMaiden Bikes. Go there for some video to watch about this part of the fixture design. Ben took a risk and he’s shared his experience for all. I can let you listen to him about what he earned.

This has been a giant project and was a massive amount of work. If what you see here seems simple and obvious, that’s as a result of all the hard work (ala Pascal).

I’m sharing the document to all in the interest of changing the field of play. There are plenty of terrible fixtures that home gamers and new builders tend to copy. That always killed me. Now, they have something exceptional to use.

I’ve been part of the sharing economy all my life, only online for the past 20+ years. When I was young and skateboarding in the Boston area, we built ramps, drained pools, held contests, and made a skatepark/clubhouse actually happen. Later, while mountain biking, I’ve worked to help build and maintain trails so we can ride, work races, and fix the unfixable bike. Online, I’ve shared a body of work that (I hope) helps people.

I grew up with such terrible information available about bike design and building and I’ve been working hard so that others don’t have to start with nothing like I did.

This is real disruption. Skynet IS the virus.

The information here comes at a cost. A very high cost. You now need to pay the debt forward. You need to make yourself available to others, IN REAL LIFE. You need to add to what I’ve done here by making two sets of parts, one for you and one for someone who needs it. Even better if you teach them how you did it. Even more points if they are still in a secondary or in post-secondary educational system.

We change the world. Not somebody else. We do it. This is the master plan.

“Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate” – T-800 Terminator