The toy gun. Lot’s of bang for less.

The goal of putting this gun together was to ease my way into the AR-15 system while having a rifle that would be cheap to shoot a lot and usable at the local indoor range. A 22LR system is obviously the way to go here. I also wanted to keep the gun light as I have a lot of work to do for off-hand shooting. No bull barrels here. Things need to make sense.

This rifle is just so fun and cheap to shoot. I’m having so much fun with it. Mainly working on marksman positions at the indoor pistol range during the week. It’s so light that I can hold it up for as long as I like. I still need another outing shooting it at 100 yards but it really doesn’t perform like the 77/22 there.

The rifle shown with Lancer Systems L5AWM 10 rnd .223 magazine.


Using a dedicated 22LR barrel rather than a converted .223 barrel makes for a far more accurate setup as the barrel is actually chambered for the 22LR round with rifling starting right at the nose of the bullet. Also having the correct twist rate of 1:16 rather than the 1:8 range most .223 barrels will run makes for a far more stable bullet flight.

Since I’m just getting into the AR-15 system, I wanted to keep costs down while I figured out the nuance of what works, what doesn’t, and why. The upper and lower receivers are about the cheapest available. The LRB lower receiver cost me $99.95 plus $7.95 shipping. In retrospect this was money not well spent as the fit and finish of this receiver was very poor. Given the FFL transfer, Registration cost, and tax, about $100 was added to the cost. I should have spent the additional $40 on a unit from a quality brand. Lesson learned.

When putting my AR-10/SR-25 type rifle together, I used a few parts sourced from DPMS. The parts were cheap and the fit and finish was excellent. I used more of their parts putting this rifle together and I wasn’t disappointed. Even the trigger has a great smooth feel and pull of 6.5 pounds without any modification or adjustment. With an upgrade spring from Wolff, that pull is brought down to 5.5 lbs.

Figuring out the ergonomics for this rifle took a little time as I do lack the experience than many people have. I’ve got 1.250″ (top to center) rings on the gun now. The Magpul CTR stock is nice. I’ve tried a cheek piece on it and it’s too much. Initially, I had a stock pistol grip but it was just too small and uncomfortable so I switched to a Magpul MOE grip and the subtle difference is really huge. Pulling the rifle up and acquiring a target is quick and comfortable right now but I’m sure that things will change a bit.

As this is a rimfire rifle, I don’t need a bullet button for the magazine. It’s really nice to be able to quickly pop magazines in and out of the gun. The Black Dog magazines are very nicely made and the look fits the gun unlike many of the other 22LR magazines on the market.

Fitting the barrel went well. I needed a wrap of some 0.0015″ stainless steel shim stock to snug the parts together right. A little heat gun to the receiver end to expand it during install and upon cooling the barrel was tight. This is to be expected and something that has to be done when putting an AR type rifle together for accuracy.

Bore center to rail top – 1.215″
Traditional iron sight height above bore – 2.600″
Scope center above bore w/UTG High rings – 2.502″

* Lower Receiver – LRB Arms (JV Precision Machine Co.), M15SA (#004558, marked D50434)
* Upper Receiver – Generic M4 (CMMG), #55BA22C
* Action – CMMG, 22 Evolution AR15 .22LR Conversion, #10274
* Barrel – CMMG, M4 22LR w/ collar, WASP, #22D7C1F
* Fire Control – DPMS Inc., #LRP-K1
* Trigger Spring Upgrade – Wolff #34910. 0.032″ wire compared to stock 0.035″
* Trigger Guard – Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard, Aluminum, #MAG015
* Magazine – Black Dog Machine X Form Conversion Magazine, 10 round, Black, #XF-10GF-SS
* BHOA Adapter (Assembly) – CMMG, #22AFEFF
* Forward Assist Assembly – DPMS, #UR-08-R
* Forward Assist Adapter – CMMG, #22BA4B1
* Grip – MagPul MOE, #MAG415-BLK
* Stock – MagPul CTR, Mil-spec, Black, #MAG310-BLK
* Recoil Pad – MagPul CTR Recoil Pad .55″ Thick Rubber, Black, #MAG316
* Receiver Extension – Vltor, Mil-spec, RE1
* Extension Lock Nut – High Standard, #CAR-L3-64069
* Buffer- Rock River Arms, Carbine, #AR0107A
* Buffer Spring – DPMS Inc., Carbine, #BS-10A
* Receiver End Plate – GG&G Receiver End Plate with Quick Detach Sling Swivel Attachment Point, #GGG-1422
* Charging Handle – CMMG, #22BA596
* Lower Reciever Parts Kit – DPMS Inc., #LRP-K1
* Accurizing Wedge – DPMS Inc., #ACU-01
* Muzzle Thread Protector – Evolution Gun Works, Inc., 1/2×28,  #30900
* Scope – UTG 4X32 Compact CQB Scope, SCP-M432L1WQ
* Rings – UTG Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny Scope Rings, High (32.7mm CL over rail), #RQ2W1206
* Handguard – Midwest Industries, Gen2 SS-Series , 9-inch Mid-Length, #MI-SS9G2
* Rail Cover – ERGO Low Profile Rail Covers, long, #RC18SLOT
* Sling – Blue Force Gear, Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, #VCAS-125-OM-BK
* Swivels –  Uncle Mike’s, 1″ Push Button Detachable Swivels #1011-2


5 lbs 14 oz. (2.66 kg.)- Rifle
6 lbs 3 oz.(2.81 kg.) – Rifle with full 10 round .22LR magazine.
7 lbs 7 oz. (3.37 kg.) – Rifle with full magazine, scope, and rings.