Things going wrong, the bad way.

Things went pretty wrong at the Tara Llanes Classic. I’m bummed. Not just because of getting injured but because I really thought I had a shot at 2nd place in Cat 1, 40+. Grrr. I even had a cool bike for MegaDH.


I got kicked off a big jump really bad on my warm up run. I flipped forward and landed head frist. Luckily, I didn’t break my neck. A concussion and a little swelling in my skull. I did, however, shatter my wrist. 6 peices of the radius. Sergery and 9 weeks in a cast for sure. Lot’s of new titanium bling.

UPDATE: It’s March 2013. My wrist is just now getting usable for real mountain biking. Hope to race Sea Otter XC and be DH capable for Northstar opening in June.