Weight loss of scooter tires due to wear.

I just changed out my insanly worn out tire from my 2001 Honda Reflex 250 scooter. It’s such an amazing commuting machine. I had to get it back up and running asap. Nothing can really match this thing for the job it does. I could live without my motorcycle but not my scooter.

I decided that it would be cool to compare the new with the worn out tire in terms of weight The tires are both Michelin City Grip 130/70-12 tires. They work well enough and are pretty cheap, $56 for the rear.

The sporty tread makes the bike super fast!!!

The tires were weighed. 3.85kg. new, 2.82kg. fully used. 1.03kg loss due to wear.

The nice new tire mounted up and ready to install.


On a side note:

The muffler on the reflex is held on by four 10mm bolts and the pipe clamp bolt. That’s an awful lot for a muffler. Most motorcycle mufflers are held with one 8mm bolt and a pipe clamp bolt. Why so much purchase? Simple. It’s not just a muffler, it’s a crash bar. I’ve crashed this bike an amazing 7 times. Real wipeouts. The last crash was pretty epic, sending the scooter sliding down BoFax for 30 yards. The bike has come out of all of these crashes with a total of $250 worth of replacement parts. That’s amazing. The engineering that makes that possible is remarkable. This ‘muffler’ is a perfect point in that case.