My bag that I use for commuting has been getting a bit of love lately. A few months ago, it got new and improved zippers. Last night, it got an inner lock holster. It’s nearing the end of it’s life so I’m getting more inclined to experiment with it.

I do a lot  of bike commuting. I don’t often need my lock. The bike is with me on transit (bus/ferry/BART) and doesn’t need added security. The problem is that every now and then I do need to use a lock. Stop at a bar after work, go to a cool store, whatever. These mostly the unplanned kind of thing, I have to have a lock with me at all times to take advantage. Be prepared!

Currently, I use a Kryptonite KryptoLock Series 2 Mini-7. It’s a fantastic commute lock. It’s just versatile enough to fix the bike while being light enough to not have me hate. I’m going to try an Evolution LITE Mini-6. It’s narrower and not as long. I wish it was a 7″. I’d like it to work out as it’s a lot lighter. I’ll be adding a thin cable to my everyday kit. It may not work out but it’s worth a try.

This bag has lot’s of MOLLE/PAL on it but it doesn’t help when it comes to bike locks. Here’s what happens when I take advantage of what exists:


The lock mounted to the outside of the bag looks cool and is very Mad Max but what’s wrong with it? Simply, the weight of the lock is far from the body and isn’t supported by the structure of the bag. The bag feels heavier. It feels awkward. It hangs horribly. Get rowdy at all and the bag really starts swinging. In time, the lock just gets tossed into the bottom of the main compartment. Then it’s a pain to get at and doesn’t sit well but it’s the best you get in stock form.

Sewing some 2″ web across the inside back of the main compartment was a real pain because of the back bladder/paper pocket fold. I did a rather sloppy and unplanned job but it works nice.

The lock is now on the upper inside of the bag. Right up against my back. High up so it’s easy to get to without unloading the bag. It should be a major upgrade and make my time on the bike a lot more comfortable.