Josh Ogle Interview

Windy and I were on the road. We were cutting through southern Utah on our way to the front range. We had to decide if we were going to go through Gunnison or Durango on the way to Salida before going north. I enjoy Durango and it’s generally a good stop and we chose to go that way. We got into town on Sunday night.

Since we were going to be in Durango, we could visit one of it’s newer residents, Josh Ogle. Josh moved from LA to Durango about 7 months ago and was going through all that you do when moving a business, workshop, and home half way across the US.

A crazy thing happened while his machines were being rigged to Colorado, the 4-axis mill was dropped about 8 feet to the ground off the truck just around the corner from the new shop. This has created a big headache for Josh that he is about to come out from. It shut him down in lots of ways but Josh is nothing but busy.

The shop was in disorder as Josh was right in the midst of a  reorganization and was surprised on a 4th of July weekend. I know that any clutter that you might see in the shop is just getting caught at a bad time. Josh is organized as hell and keeps a tidy shop.

On Monday morning, after the dinner and interview the night before, I rode Horse Gulch with Windy,  Josh, and the legend himself, Ron Andrews. It was a good ride and a fascinating group to be out with. After that, we went to Josh’s shop and picked up the interview again. Then we were out on the road again.

The San Juan National Forest sits right outside Josh’s shop above Durango. You can just sit there and dream.

Just like when I did the interview with Brad Bingham in July 2022, I decided on an interview about 18 hours earlier, lined it up, and with just the smartphone made something happen. We just ran with what we could as there was a lot to discuss. Some parts of the audio will be quite noisy and difficult. Bear with it as this is a 2:47:41 long interview. It’s a monster. It may help to listen to the interview with Tyler Evans at Firefly if all of this interests you.


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