The other day, I got to go visit the Firefly Bicycles studio in Boston. I’ve got some history in the world surrounding this.

I talked with Tyler Evans during the tour and after about what this is all about.

Not many know that Tyler’s personal story was made into a movie, Flashdance, although Hollywood took a lot of liberties with his story. They certainly hired a better looking actress to play the lead roll, replaced art school with dance school, but almost everything else is exactly as it happened. It really is an uplifting story that all should see.

I joke.

Tyler spent a bit of time with me, 2 hours. That’s a good block. We did a tour and we talked about a lot of things. Much to learn here.


FF-1199 was the bike that we saw being readied in final assembly.

The Independent Fabrications Pursuit bike that we discuss. Best in show and all that.

I also spent a second with Jamie about an issue discussed with Tyler. This about porting BikeCad values to a form that is used in production.