Next level shit bike

San Francisco is such a cultural wasteland these days. It used to be a pretty cool place, full of; fags, junkies, losers, anarchists, and a cavalcade of sex workers. Today, almost none of that is left. It’s now the New Church of the Noob. Tech bros that know code and almost nothing else ruling over the kingdom. Everyone reveling in what a noob they are. The stupid satisfied with ignorance and buffoonery. Idiot¬†kickstarters galore and a badge of honor for the worst. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Regarding bicycles, we see the New Church of the Noob constantly. How many Surly Long Haul Truckers can you watch go by before you start getting sick to your stomach? Or the fixie kid that hasn’t got the memo yet that everyone is bike camping now. …or the worst… Faraday.

I came across this today at work. It’s on another level. For fucks sake.¬†Ritchey Breakaway bikes are generally complete garbage but the modifications here really make it stand out. This is a serious piece of work. Dam.