OneUp Guts

Our buddy Ben Land is back with some intel.

Ben was working with me to get the Skynet Frame Fixture sorted out and proven. Since, he’s done a few more bikes and his work has improved significantly. Still, like me, Ben actually rides bikes. This means that shit breaks. In this case, he blew up his OneUp dropper cartridge.

I’ve shared quite a bit of detail on how we repair various dropper posts over the years. Failure used to be extremely common on every platform. Product has gotten significantly better recently. To note, I’ve been using the OneUp 210 droppers for at least 3 years without any failure with the damper. The lubrication of the post is an issue but that is a different thing.

As such, I haven’t ever shown the inside of the OneUp cartridge. I’m certainly not going to make a ton of work for myself just to make content.

Ben chose to replace the torn o-ring with a -008 rather than the metric 4.4×2 ring. He felt that that was best and it’s been fine so far.

I recommended that he use the Redline Extra Light (ISO 8) as that is what I generally use in seatpost rebuilds. He tried another fluid while waiting for it to arrive. This was too slow. Once the Redline was installed, the post was working at the speed he was used to.

Ben shared his photos so I’m just going to put them here. He had a shredded o-ring in the control port. A $0.38 fix. The construction of the cartridge is like almost all other non-reverb posts on the market.