Simple. Thinking inside the box.

The box. People talk about it. They talk about being outside it. It seems that they often fail to even understand the box or it’s bounds. Usually, those claiming to be outside of it are firmly planted deep in the darkest depths of the box. I try to always keep my work inside the box. Completely enclosed in it. They important think here is that my energy is devoted to understanding very clearly what box I’m in and what it’s bounds actually are. If I get outside of that box then I fail.

The hipster key leash. Typically a large group of keys held to the belt loop with a carabiner or slide bolt snap¬†dandling in the air above a brake-less fixie. It’s pretty insulting, really. A middle class tech geek adopting blue collar or working class accessory. Let alone the awkward dangling group of keys constantly in the way. When I see folks with this kit, I know that they arn’t thinkers, they are followers. They truly think that they are outside the box, but not knowing, they are well inside.

Here’s my take on that theme, yet simplified to elements.

It’s also for my work keys…yes…I have keys involved with my work and need secure access to them during the work day.

A 9″¬†loop of 1/2″ nylon web with an appropriately sized key ring (7/8″). Looped over and triple stitched so it won’t come apart. The soft feel of the nylon and lack of bulk are very nice in the hands. With a breaking strength of approximately 2,500 lbs there’s no worry in the material. the keys hang nicely inside my pocket rather than resting on the bottom of it. Very cool.

Simply, inside the box.

Motorcycle keys get a different treatment. A loop should be attached to the single key. This makes the key more difficult to loose and easier to find. You don’t want any more than the one key attached as the keys will vibrate and scratch the motorcycle, not cool.