Three days on the floor

This last weekend was the 2019 NAHBS in Sacramento, California. It’s local to me so it was easy to go and enjoy the event as I like to; by working hard taking photos, recording interviews, and networking with bros. 

This year I decided to step up my game by trying to do audio and photo work in depth. I challenged myself with a massive work load and it shows here by the size of this post. That meant carrying full gear and a lot wires and a lot of head spinning. The press pass I got for the show helped me as I was able to get into the venue early while it’s quiet and people have time to talk with people who are very busy with the public at other times..

I’m grateful to all the folks that took the time to talk with me on record. Hopefully, the things they said to me will also come in handy for a lot of others. There’s a lot of information and wisdom in there.

There was a lot to see. At the end of it all, there is one thing that stands out from all the rest and wins the PVD Best in Show prize:

Burnsie’s Huffy fork. The fork, affixed to a re-worked design-failed frame, this fork was produced from a dead Huffy (Serrotta?) road bike frame from the eighties. It was such an inspired piece in a booth full of real passion and grit (literally). There was a lot to see at Oddity but the Huffy fork is something that left me stoked to be a bicycle builder and eager to shred some dirt.

The work that Burnsie is doing at Oddity is worth a deep look. He’s an artist building kids bikes. I’m a kid. I get it. They aren’t serious bikes. They also aren’t goofy. They’re raw but immaculate, mostly. They cut everything down to what the toys I want to play with are when I just need to eliminate all the stuff and crap that doesn’t matter. That is some really good stuff.

The Audio Interviews:

My goal with the interviews, like my photos, is to focus on the details that the builders and designers focus on. What is going on in the heads of the people who’s bikes we look at? There are some comments made here you won’t hear anywhere else…

My voice got a bit horse by day three. These clips were posted in no particular order. I’ll let you guess which was done last.

***NOTE: Having an issue with these files playing on Android (chrome) mobile. Open on a desktop or laptop if you are having an issue***

Carl Strong
Pursuit Cycles & Strong Frames


Dmitry Nechaev
Triton Bikes & Pushka Bikes


James Bleakley
Black Sheep Bikes


Rob English
English Cycles


Mitch Carlson, Student, University of Iowa
University of Iowa


Steven Plante
Plante Cycles


Steve Rex
Rex Cycles


Sean ‘Burnsie’ Burns
Oddity Cycles


Rick Hunter
Hunter Cycles


Pierre Chastain
Blaze Bicycles


Paul Price & Patrick McNamara
Paul Components


Nick Crumpton
Crumpton Cycles


Michael Corby
Corby Concepts


Max Pratt
Pratt Frameworks


Joe Roggenbuck
The Cobra


Nick Jirsa
Drift Cycles


CalPoly Bike Builders


Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon Cycles


Brad Hodges
W.H. Bradford Designs


Atelier Kinopio


Alan Weatherill
Hope Technologies


The Photos

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