The rider must be able to be comfortably on the bike and be able to control it with minimal effort. Sometimes these two goals work against each other, especially the case of weight on the bars.

Rider Position:
* Seat - Stock sport bike seats tend to be shaped for track use. They allow the rider to move easily over and around the bike. This may be a very important feature to you if you race. This is done at the cost of comfort. Street riders tend not move over the bike like a racer and can benefit from a more comfortable seat. See: Corbin
* Foot peg position - This is a very overlooked aspect of setting up a bike. Racers tend to get expensive rear-set kits to aid in maximizing lean angle as well as cheaper replacement parts (after initial investment). While some very aggressive street riders may benefit from greater than stock lean angles, a degree of attention should be paid to get the riders hip, knee, and ankle bends in a comfortable position that maximizes leverage and jockeying of the bike. TCM Motorcycle Products has makes very inexpensive rearset relocator kits for tuning foot peg position. Sometimes the functioning of the foot operated brake light switch is effected by these mods. Also see: LSL
* Handlebar position - This is very personal. It is usually beneficial to have more weight over the front end of the bike, the rider tends to be in a more aerodynamic position as well. Stock configurations tend to have the clip-ons fairly low on the forks to accomplish this. Some riders have a very hard time lasting in this position or getting into it at all. Aftermarket clip-on's or adapters are sold that help adjust this. Another trick is to modify the triple clamp to accept standard handlebars. These solutions can sometimes interfere with stock wiring or bodywork, so understand what you are getting into. see: TBR, Helibars, LSL, Sato Racing.
* Windscreen - If the rider cannot or does not duck low enough behind the stock windscreen enough of the time, a taller or reshaped windscreen may be in order. Zero Gravity Double Bubbles are the current rage. For even more protection from the wind, Zero Gravity makes a Sport Touring windscreen.

* Lever position - This is as simple as moving the lever more inboard, and at an angle suitable to the rider. Stock is a starting point, not a rule. You want to ride and use the levers while keeping the top of your hand in line with your forearm. "let your fingers do the walking", not your wrist. The lever should be brought close enough into the bar so that the rider can comfortably get to the lever without reaching.
* Lever Shape - I really like short levers, others like long levers. Whatever you like. See: CRG
* Throttle Rate - see The Throttle
* Foot pedal angle and offset - This, again, is just about taking the time to make the pedals work for your foot and position.




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