Most stock skate bushings are an afterthought. Designed to be cheap and get the basic job done. Some companies have gone to the next level and are offering high quality bushings made of select high rebound urethane.

A bushing should be selected so that the kingpin nut just engages the nylon locking point. Over tightening this nut prevents the truck from moving properly. If the truck is too loose, get a harder bushing set. If the truck is too tight, get a softer bushing set. Fine adjustment can then be done with the nut.

One really cool aspect of running the Bones Hardcore bushings is that you remove both of the steel washers in the system. When this is done, excess kingpin is exposed in the lightly preloaded state. When this excess kingpin is removed (with a grinder or hacksaw), the kingpin/nut are reduced in height. This helps lots when grinding on hips and reverse corners.

* Bones Hardcore Bushings - A serious upgrade to any truck. Start with the Yellows, and go from there. Soft (blue), Medium (yellow) or Hard (black).
* Radical Dragons Teeth Bushings - Developed for slalom racing, they are larger than most bushings and very high quality. 5 colors each color is a different hardness. CLEAR 75A, RED 80A, BLUE 85A, GREEN 90A, BLACK 95A

Bushings for downhill skating, ie. serious speed, should be made of low rebound urethane. This works with the geometry of downhill trucks to produce a highly stable ride.


When it comes to wheels, it is all about compromise. Bigger wheels roll faster and feel smoother, but they make ollies harder and snag coping. Small wheels accelerate quickly, but have a low top speed. Hard wheel slide easy, but feel far harsher and are sometimes slower than soft wheels. Personally, I use wheels between 57-60mm and in the 97A duro range, depending on what type of park I am riding most at the time.

One major detail with skate wheels is that they need a good quality core in them. A core assists the spacers in aligning the bearing. This is for speed. A core is harder than the outside of the wheel and resists flex. Be smart, run a cored wheel.

Some of the current good skatepark wheels are:
Bones SPF Pierre Luc Core, or SPF Standard.
Spitfire Fire Light Wheels or Tri Cores
Ricta AirCores -

In my search for a 58mm core wheel, I found the High Rollers 58mm wheel by Hubba Wheels. It measures at 57.5mm and the core is killer light. One other point on these wheels, the bearing width of the core measured at exactly 0.400" on all 4 wheels. That is the first wheel I have measured that keeps that tight a tolerance. Because of that, I'm gonna run the Builtin bearings in these to start. Rumor is that Hubba Wheels are made by Think, a Deluxe company. Should be the same urethane as Spitfire.

For downhill, slalom, or just cruising around:
Comet Wheels - Hey, I helped design the wheel, what else can I say.
Abec11 Wheels - Awesome selection of any soft wheel you may need.


Indy Stage 9's

Recently, Independent stopped sand casting their trucks and joined the 19th century. The stage 9 truck uses a computer modeled shape and permanent mold castings. The truck is far straighter and lighter now. Once they discover forging and 8mm axles, we will really be in business.

Good Skateparks

World class skatepark builders have emerged from a few like minded skate outlaws under a bridge in portland to redefine the modern skateboard terrain. Ride any park by one of these builders and you will have to ride more.

Dreamland Skateparks
Grindline Skateparks
Airspeed Skateparks

If you can't get those guys, Wormhoudt or Team Pain are good too.

Protective Gear

While it is not considered "cool" to wear protective gear, it is smart. An old friend of mine, Kevin Day, makes some of the best knee pads available. Pain Cheaters are designed so well that you never buy another brand again. $150 ain't cheap, but they are the best protection you can buy. I would not be walking today if it weren't for Kevinand his pads.

Boneless is another brand although not as nice. A lot of pro's use them, but money talks in the pro game.
Harbinger is also another. I like their elbow pads, but the knee pads are oddly shaped.
Pro-tec is an old name in helmets and make pads that are good for kids or super light duty protection, they are not real vert pads. The ramp pads have gotten better and are a good recommendation for the local kids.

The Rollerblade line of pads are probably the worst pads in existence. The huge knee pads are about the silliest things in the world and they look like they weigh 30 lbs each.

Measuring Transitions

Truck Geometry

Longboards Suck!!!

Longboards and longer wheelbase boards kinda suck. They turn like shit. If you ride one of these, try some wedge risers to correct the steering.

Trick custom made 7.5 degree angled risers. 6061 Alloy.


Northern California Downhill Skateboard Association - NCDSA
Skatepark List .com - Where?
Concrete Disciples - Core.
Juice Magazine - Keep skateboarding a crime!

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