BB86 is 30% stronger than BB30

Simple leverage. Didn’t anybody else do the math?

BB30/PF30 has proven to be a complete mechanical failure. It was obvious from the outset and I had made good arguments against it when it was first being rolled out. The Shimano system is clearly superior but for some reason cyclists thing that everything has to be jumbo cartoon versions to get better. Simply, the interface needed to be made wider not larger.

I broke down and made a solid model to compare¬†each system in their narrower, road, configurations. It’s instantly obvious that the wider BB86 system is not only lighter but 30% stronger mechanically.

I feel bad for people stuck with the BB30/PF30 systems in their frames. A simple upgrade that I’ve found to be the only real solution is the Wheels Manufacturing¬†PF30 Outboard Bottom Brackets. I’ve tried every other solution and this is the only one that works.