The FN M1900

This is a fun little toy. So slim and delicate. It’s an FN M1900. This would have been produced between 1900 and 1911. One of the first slide pistols and the intro for the 32 ACP round. (7.65×17mm Browning SR). It was given to a friend of mine. Her father had gotten it from her … Read more

Industrial Craftsmanship

I design and produce quite a few things as a hobby. Bicycles, motorcycles, & skateboards and the details that surround them. I do other projects but the short list is probably the most elegant way to describe it. I could get even more discrete when I say ’tilt steer vehicles’, but that requires more explanation … Read more

Bean Can 2022

Careful readers of my blog will know about the ‘bean can’. It’s a simple enough device that protects the delicate top tube of a bicycle frame when proper hand grip placement may produce damage in a crash. When everything goes ass over tea kettle, the front end swings around wildly, looking for something to stop … Read more

Buffer stuff

Let’s look at the buffer for my new AR-15. It’s key to understand the gas system of the rifle when talking about the buffer. The gas system of the AR-15 is dependent on several variables for proper function. A bullet is fired, powder is transformed rapidly from a solid to a gas. A massive pressure … Read more

Bolt knob for the 700

I finally got around to modifying the bolt knob on the bolt of my Remington 700 bolt rifle. I like shooting the rifle a lot. It’s nice and light and accurate. It’s cheap to shoot .223″ or 5.56mm through it and it shoots straight. I could shoot it all day and have fun. Over the … Read more

Chopper chop chop

I’d been playing with my MDT LSS Remington 700 chassis for a bit. It’s a bit underdeveloped but it does function well without a lot of needless clutter. There are a number of changes I’d love to make to the design of the chassis: The reduced scale of a special .223 chassis that would use … Read more

Eyes on the prize

I did some work on finding a better scope position for my 223 bolt rifle. The scope was a bit far away from my cheek weld position. I brought it back about an inch and a half. It’s so much nicer now. Very relaxed and comfortable setting up with no straining or struggling. The base … Read more

Straight as an arrow.

I finally got to making some progress with the space gun. I’ve been busy and distracted and all mixed up. It also took a long time to get the right tools together to feel confident starting the business of destroying this rifle and build it back better. I needed to cut the barrel down from … Read more

The Space Gun

I haven’t put much focus on shooting rifle in a while. My wrist has healed enough so that I can ride mountain bikes properly again and after some truly tragic incidents, ammunition costs had skyrocketed. My preferred cartridge, 22LR had shot up from $0.06 to $0.40 per round (if it could even be found). It’s … Read more

SKS Type 56

I was lent this rifle by a friend. I wanted to take it apart and look at it’s guts first hand. It’s nice when others can lend you their toys. Something that people forget in the internet age is that reading about machines or watching on youtube is very different from actually working with them … Read more

More is more

I’ve recently been getting some parts together for a new rifle. This left me laying in bed the other night thinking (as I do) about length of pull and fine adjustability of collapsible butt-stocks for AR-15s. I won’t have the bulk of parts in front of me until this afternoon and I won’t have the action, barrel, … Read more

Textiles are the new black.

To manage all the gear that goes to the range when I’m  shooting, I finally broke down and bought a proper range bag. I searched around and found that one of the most recommended bags is in fact one of the cheapest. The MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag ($44.99, #259680). I got one. It’s a fantastic … Read more

The hair trigger

Not really, just some fine tuning. This is my first real “cuttin’ metal” modification to my AR-15 platform. I’m playing with the stock trigger mechanism trying to make it work well. Similar to my work with motorcycles, I’m trying to focus on modifications and cash outlays that actually make a difference and return on the … Read more

The toy gun. Lot’s of bang for less.

The goal of putting this gun together was to ease my way into the AR-15 system while having a rifle that would be cheap to shoot a lot and usable at the local indoor range. A 22LR system is obviously the way to go here. I also wanted to keep the gun light as I … Read more


Blitzschnell means “very quick” or “like lightning” in German. That’s a perfect descriptor for this modification that I’m making to my Ruger 77/22 22LR bolt action rifle. I’m replacing the stock striker spring with a Wolff Blitzschnell Striker Spring (23lbs vs 19lb stock). It’s part of the #30375 Rifle Performance Pack. The goal in replacing … Read more

Gun tuning with springs and oil

I got down to finally replacing the Heavy Buffers Modified AR10 Buffer Spring on my AR-10. I’ve been having some cycling issues that have outlasted the break in period on the gun and I want to get that resolved. I had initially wanted to put a DPMS LR-308 Rifle Buffer Spring (#308-BS-10B) into the gun … Read more

Headspace Shims!

I just made a few of these little dandys. They are shims that are placed within the split bolt of the Ruger 77/22 to adjust the chamber headspace. A 22LR firearm should be headspaced to the absolute minimum to get the most accuracy possible from the gun. Many guns will come with far too much … Read more

Power pin!

So, I ordered up a nice little 22lr rifle to reduce my shooting costs and light enough to practice some off bench shooting. It’s a Ruger 77/22 All-Weather. It’s a gun slightly more expensive than it’s competition, but it’s got a great reputation for use, it’s made in America, and it looks awesome. Plus, it’s super light … Read more

New sight for the LCR!

I wasn’t happy shooting my Ruger LCR +P for a few reasons. Shooting outdoors was ok, but indoors wasn’t so hot. Josh Orlando and I were shooting at Bullseye and we both agreed that a change should be made. It was very difficult to sight in with the stock sight. I got parts ordered while doing … Read more


The dedicated marksman rifle (DMR) – A rifle designed to fill the gap between an assault and sniper rifle. A battle rifle that can maintain accurate rapid fire at ranges up to 600 yards. I decided that it was time to invest in a nice rifle. Something that I could shoot long range (up to … Read more


Early this morning, local MTB talent Ben Cruz and one of his bro’s were in the woods in Novato. They were getting a hit lined up involving a stump or tree of some sort. In the stump, they discovered a duffel bag with a few Japanese war rifles in it. Arisakas. This is a boy dream. … Read more

NATO 7.62×51

I’ve been geeking out on guns lately. Sourcing parts to assemble a nice SR-25 Type rifle. More on that later. Here’s a nice print of a NATO 7.62×52 / Winchester .308 round.