Over the years I have written many articles describing some of the more technical aspects of motorcycle tuning and mechanics. Much of that work serves as reference that I draw from when making the crucial decisions that go into many of my designs. Below you will find examples of my work in physical form. For the theoretical side see: PVDwiki-Motorcycles

Currently I am designing and buiding a motorcycle chassis.I hope to have more to show here near the end of the summer.

60 Degree Variable Rate Throttle Cam System (w/ constant rate prototype)


Hanger brackets for 2008 GSX-R750:

60 Degree throttle for 2008 GSX-R750

Fork valve design:

Delrin Preload spacer Adapter for Showa:

Delrin Top Out Spring Spacer for Showa:

Prototype Light GSX-R Clutch Plate for Factory Pro:

Ignition Advance Plate for Factory Pro:

Redesign of Shift Detent Arm for Factory Pro:

Rework Vectorizing Old Logo for Factory Pro:

Shock Spring Press Plates: