Blitzschnell means “very quick” or “like lightning” in German. That’s a perfect descriptor for this modification that I’m making to my Ruger 77/22 22LR bolt action rifle.

I’m replacing the stock striker spring with a Wolff Blitzschnell Striker Spring (23lbs vs 19lb stock). It’s part of the #30375 Rifle Performance Pack. The goal in replacing this spring is to reduce the time between the breaking of the sear and the strike of the firing pin against the rim of the 22LR round. By reducing this time, the┬árifle will, hopefully, not have moved far off target. This, in the end, should improve the accuracy of an already accurate fire arm.

I’m so stoked on my Ruger 77/22. It and my Beretta 92FS are certainly my most favorite firearms. I’m really hoping that this spring makes a noticeable difference at the range.

The stock spring:
Length: 1.950″
Wire: 0.059″
Coils: 14.25

Blitzschnell spring:
Length: 2.050″
Wire: 0.058″
Coils: 13.50

Obviously, with 0.100″ more preload and 0.75 less coils, this spring should be slightly stiffer and with more force in place to get the pin moving quicker. The 0.001″ difference in the wire thickness is just 1.7% and probably not worth worrying about in terms of calculating.

The 77/22 bolt assembly
'Feild' dissassembly

The Menck Bolt Disassembly Tool from Midway (#788576)
Exposing the connection pin
Removed connection pin
Completely apart
The Wolff spring kit
Crappy picture. The stock spring is on top.
I'm stoked to shoot this tomorrow!