Brooks Saddles?

What is up with Brooks saddles?

1. Heavy as hell – The lightest saddle that they make is the B15 Swallow Ti. 370 grams. Mind you that is the lightest one. Most of their line weighs in at 500 grams or more. Much more if it’s got springs on it.

2. Lame looks – Honestly folks, these saddles only look good on a few bike types and it is really important which is chosen to get it right. Most folks screw that up. I’ve seen it pulled off, but very rarely.

3. Expensive – That B15 Swallow Ti? $370. For a heavy uncomfortable saddle that looks like dung. Low end versions cost about $110, but remember these things can get pretty heavy.

4. Comfort – There is an old joke in cycling. Buy a Brooks saddle and in 10 years it’s almost got you broken in. It’s just silly.

5. Kooks – It used to be that only kooks put these things on their bikes. Now, only kooks put these things on their bikes.

A nice saddle instead? Why not? The WTB Silverado. $150 for a light one or $90 for a still light one. Crazy comfy. Crazy good looks. They feel great on day one and make you feel great.

I do understand that these two saddles appeal to a very different group of people but my point is that folks may do very well if they stop buying into this plug ‘n play fashion game where everyone is being ironic together and look at how they really use their bicycles and set up accordingly.