Chris King Guest House at Santa Cruz Bicycles 2023

No Sea Otter for me.

I did go to the Chris King Guest House at Santa Cruz Bicycles. I was expecting something a bit bigger than last year’s event at Caletti Cycles. It was, but in a different way than expected. A smaller bike show but a bigger ‘party’ at the headquarters. An interesting crowd.

I drove down from Marin after a busy morning in the basement doing things. It was a really nice day and the hour and a half drive was pleasant enough.

I had wanted to do a few audio interveiews. That’s been interesting lately. Two of my discussions I wished that I could have recorded. They had a lot going on in them and were about some very cool things. The problem, both those people chose not to be recored. I hadn’t really experienced this much, let alone two in a row. I’m bummed on that because only two people got to hear those discussions.

Anyway, the photos are here.

Todd Ingermanson’s (Black Cat Bicycles) full suspension was very cool. A 3 year endevor. I love looking at the Black Cat stuff as Todd is a creative problem solver and works in a very different way than I do.