Dealing with a spare tube

Here’s a cool thing.

I was having a discussion with Chris Ioakimedes this past Sunday. He had a tube in his pocket, still in the box. It turned out that we both usually leave them in the box so that they don’t get damaged. It seemed like such a bulky awkward way of dealing with this issue. I thought of a great idea during the discussion.

Trim the edges and use some packing tape to clean it up.


Vacuum bag! The tube takes up 1/2 the space as if it were just loose and it is well protected from outside and internal (rubbing against itself) abrasions. Very cool. The vacuum bag material is also very hearty stuff and wont allow the tube to be compromised. Another cool thing is that if something does pierce the bag, it looses vacuum, thus hinting to you that there may be an issue.